Messianic Rabbi Ordination

Messianic Rabbi Ordination

Become a Messianic Jewish Ordained Rabbi (Legal Minister). 

Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem in conjunction with Messianic Congregation Kehila Elohei Kedem gives you full legal authority to begin your own independent church or ministry and perform all Messianic Jewish services all over the world including Jewish Marriage, Tevilah (baptism) and funerals in our Messianic Rabbi Ordination. 

How to Become a Messianic Rabbi?

In Jewish culture a rabbi should have completed  Messianic Jewish Studies, have been under a mature rabbi for at least 2 years as a Talmidim (disciple), be fluent in reading and saying the traditional Hebrew prayers, understand Halakhah (Mishnah, Talmud) and be deeply involved in Jewish culture, faith and practice.  

Also, our Rabbi Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel recognized the importance of women in ministry, like Miriam of Magdala, a leader in Jerusalem with James, brother of Yeshua,  We have several  Messianic Ministers and Messianic Rabbi ladies doing an outstanding job. 

!Men and women are welcome to apply for any of our ordinations packages below!. 

Package 1 - Messianic Jewish Minister Ordination

(Title granted: Messianic Jewish Minister) 

Dear Pastor, Rabbi Ordination is not for everyone. Maybe you  feel it is not the right time to take this obligation or you do not fell to posses these skills and qualities yet, instead you could consider an application for Messianic Jewish Minister (Messianic Pastor) for Only $70 USD to be able to preach, evangelize, to participate as an Officiant in a Jewish Wedding, to heal the sick, or just  to preside over Tevilah (baptism) and funerals. If that is your case.....

Then  the Messianic Jewish Minister Package is for you! 
Only $70 USD   

 Package 2 - Messianic Jewish Rabbi Ordination 

(Title granted: Messianic Rabbi Minister) 

This package Includes your Ordination Documents, your church charter with WMEK, a Complete Jewish Studies Course and S'micha Ceremony (Laying of Hands Certificate) all for Only $145 USD. (A savings of $68 USD from the regular price)


Messianic Jewish Rabbi Ordination - WMEK
   All Messianic Rabbi should be able to understand basic Biblical Hebrew and Greek and the traditional Hebrew prayers used in Shabat's worship. Also, the candidate for Rabbi should have a basic knowledge of Jewish history and traditional Jewish writings (Mishnah, Talmud) and to be culturally familiar, comfortable, and involved in Jewish life. 
   To cover these requirements and to make everything easier for every Rabbi, we include a complete course in Messianic Jewish Studies, where the candidate will learn Basic Hebrew and Greek, transliterated Hebrew Prayers, Shabbat´s worship liturgy, Jewish History, Jewish Writings and all the 613 Miztvot and its applications in Jewish life.

 Requirements of the Messianic Rabbi Ministry Credential Package

-Be a follower of Messiah Yeshua for at least three years.
-Have been practicing the Messianic Jewish faith for at least three years.
-Should agree with all 10 Bases of Nazarene Judaism.
-You must provide 2 contact information for two character witnesses
-You must provide  written statement of your walk with Yeshua and your conversion
-And pay a one-time ordination fee of Only $145  for the Messianic Jewish Rabbi Minister Credential Package
-You should send a real photo of yourself.
-Send the name of your Church, Group or Ministry. If you do not have a ministry (Congregation, Marriage Ministry, Prison Ministry, Helping Ministry, etc.), when you start one please send us the name of it. 
-You should complete satisfactorily our WMEK Messianic  Jewish Studies Course Included free of charge within 6 months to received the S'micha Ceremony (Laying of Hands Certificate) and your Certificate of Messianic Jewish Studies.
 -We confer the title of Messianic Rabbi according to biblical principles (Numbers 4:3; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9).

Product Description

This  Messianic Rabbi Ordination Ministry Credential Package Includes:  

  • Basic Handbook of an Ordained Minister
  • How to Establish your Congregation or Ministry 
  • Complete Messianic Jewish Ministry Manual
  • Complete Guide to Wedding Officiant 
  • Your Congregation or Ministry Name will appear in our Church Directory in (English) and in (Spanish) 
  • Certificate of Semichah (laying of hands) rabbinical ordination online
  • Your name, date and ministry credentials will show in our Directory of Ordained Ministers 

                   Click Paypal "Pay Now" button to submit your fee of Only $145 
                               (To pay by Credit CardClick "Open a Paypal account" 
and fill your Credit Card data only)

  ***Please Remember after payment please return to this page and fill the Ordination Application Form at the End ***

Special Price Ordained Rabbi Married Couple
(Title granted for both: Messianic Rabbi Minister and Messianic Rabbanit Minister)
  Click Paypal "Pay Now" button to submit your fee x the Marriage Couple Ordination
                                                            Only $235 USD
***Please Remember after payment please return to this page and fill an Ordination Application Form for each married  person***

Commentaries from our Ministers (Roeh) and Rabbies

     "Everything is appreciated! I believe I got everything! I'm absorbing your teachings and materials! So much I did not know but I'm still learning! The Lord is opening doors for me to preach! He is a blessing! This all is a blessing! May the Lord continue to bless you! This is surely God sent! Shalom"   Rod

     "Shalom Rabbi Marques! Thank you for your assistance through this process, it has been a blessing to me"  Kel 

      "This ministry is by far the best I have observed as far as ordination goes"  Roland

Please allow 7 to 10 Business Days to Received your Ordination Papers
Please remember to fill the Ordination Application Form



Thanks for considering us in the future of your ministry. Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem will give you our support, backing, and counsel as you minister in your community. 

Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem Inc and Messiahs Kingdom Ministries Inc are both recognized religious organizations in the State of Florida since 2006we do not have any problem in helping you start your ministry. Also if you want to be part of this Messianic Jewish Organization you can also apply for our Messianic Jewish Church Chartership.

Note: -Ordination can be revoked by this Ministry Church at any time if the minister does not maintain a scriptural standard of behavior that is consistent with that of this church and the Torah`s laws, so keep your standing with this ministry up to date. 

-We keep records of all ministers that are commissioned, licensed, ordained, active, inactive, and revoked. No information is given to anyone unless you authorize it in writing. 

If you still have any questions about this procedure or about the Application Form.  Please Contact us to our email: or use our Contact Form here