Frequently Asked Questions
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About Worlwide Ministry Elohei Kedem, Becoming Ordained through us, our Religious Courses, Ministry Training and Titles 

Q: How and where can I become a Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem Minister?

A: You can become ordained right here on our site www.messiahskingdomonline.com or in our Church Building  known as Congregation Kehila Elohei Kedem! All titles, courses, training ministry and Ordinations are given by the authority of our ministry and our church. Continue to ordination process.

Q: Is my ordination legal?

A: Yes, your ordination with the Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem Inc and Kehila Elohei Kedem is legal and binding. Once you get ordained, you are a minister for life. Your ordination is as legal as a Catholic, Protestant or Reform Ordinations.  

The First Amendment (made applicable to the States by the Fourteenth) Everson v. Board of Education, 330 U.S. 1, 67 S.Ct. 504. There was said:
"Neither a state nor the Federal Government can set up a church. Neither can pass laws which aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion over another. Neither can force or influence a person to go to or to remain away from church against his will or force him to profess a belief or disbelief in any religion…."
Most states have laws about who can perform a marriage ceremony, limiting the officiant to a "judge or court clerk, government official, or a minister or clergy member". Some statutes define a clergy member as someone who has a congregation and a following. You as a Clergy Member of this ministry have a congregation "Kehila Elohei Kedem", and those of you that are Rabbies with this ministry are called to form a congregation in less than a year after being ordained, as is biblically called to do so. Also our Ministers have a particular belief system: we are all Netzarim Messianic Jews, following all the Torah's Commandments and Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, man/No God, born of Yosef and Miriam, of the House of David.
Also our Rabbies go through the process of s'micha in person with three Legally Ordained Rabbies as witnesses to the Ceremony of laying of hands as it stated in Acts 6:6. 

Credibility comes from the minister.  If you are approach and ask for credentials simply present them and say nothing unless asked a question. 

Q: How old must I be to get ordained?

A: You must be at least 20 years old and biblically married to become registered as a Messianic Roeh - Pastor (Numbers 14:29-30; 1 Timothy 3:8-13; Titus 1:5-9), or you must be at least 30 years old and biblically married to become Messianic Rabbi with the Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem and Kehila Elohei Kedem (Numbers 4:3; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9). 

Q: Must a person be Ordained to be a Preacher or Evangelist?

A: The simple answer is no.  Ordination is not a requirement that must be met in order to preach or evangelize. Dwight L. Moody, the great American evangelist of the latter half of the nineteenth century, was never ordained. Also, Charles H. Spurgeon, famous pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, never received ordination either. There is a scriptural basis for ordination yet: Yeshua chose a select group of men whom He “ordained” or “appointed” (John 15:16; Mark 3:14). It should be recognized that it is not a church that makes a man a preacher; it is God who does that.

Q:  Why should I pay Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem to become ordained if I can get a free ordination elsewhere?

A: Some churches offer free ordinations.  If you like it take it. Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem, Inc is a legal ministry, filled with the State of Florida. We keep a permanent record of your ordination including your name and address and the date you were ordained. We keep permanent records on all ministers with currently valid ID cards.  Also we are under the umbrella of a real church Kehila Elohei Kedem, with real members and in good standing with the state where they are incorporated.  

Q: If I have to prove that my ordination with your church is real and legal, can you verify my ordination?

A:  Yes, we can.  Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem, Inc and Messiahs Kingdom Ministries, inc have been in continuous existence since 2006 and we keep records on everyone we ordain and trained.  This enables us to verify your ordination if you request us to do that. Occasionally we are asked to verify a minister's standing. 

Q: How can I prove to someone that I am a legally ordained WMEK Minister?

A: The two most common ways are presenting either a Letter of Good Standing or your Ordination Credential.

Q:  Will other churches recognize my ordination?

A:  Other churches have their own rules. Some recognize only their own church and reject all others.  But some churchs cooperate with others and will support you. In doubt, always ask their guidelines. 

Q:  Can I start my own church?  If I can, how would I do that?

A:  Yes, we offer church charters for ministers wanting to start their own church. See our "Messianic Church Charter" Tab. When you register with us a Messianic Church Charter, we offer you a complete infomation package and a unique webpage with all necesary legal and practical information on how to start your ministry. Also you can also incorporate your ministry with your Department of State.

Q: How can I confirm my ordination with Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem?

A: Go to our main page, www.messiahskingdomonline.com, get to the Tab "About Us WMEK", go down the page and look for "Ordination Directory", Click on it and confirm your name, Title and date of Ordination in the page.

Q: What is the URL for the Church Website?

A: Kehila Elohei Kedem website may be found at Kehila Elohei Kedem.

Q: Is my Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem ordination recognized outside of the United States?

A: Our ordinations are fully legal in the United States and many countries; however each country treats our ordinations differently. For further information,find out about the requirements of recognition, contact your local officials. You can always contact us to help you in the process. 

Q:  If I'm ordained with your church, can I perform marriages?

A:  Yes, you can perform marriages, but some states or other jurisdictions require you to register first. If you plan to perform marriages, we urge you to ask your local government about the guidelines to register and perform marriages. Also when you become ordained with us we send you complete information of the legal status of marriage laws in all the States of America. You may or may not be able to perform marriages in other countries.

Q:  As a minister in your church, can I do healing work with people who are sick?

A:  Yes, you can do spiritual healing work with the sick as long as you have the ability to do that and you do not diagnose or treat any disease.  You may serve as a conduit for spiritual/religious healing.  However, medical diagnosis and treatment are functions legally reserved for appropriately trained and licensed medical professionals.  

Q:  As an Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem minister, can I do counseling?

A:  You may do counseling as a clergy person if you have the ability and/or training to do that in a competent manner.  Always ask the guidelines of your state. 

Q:  How much training do I need to be ordained as a minister with Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem?

A:  You don't need any training for ministry with our church,  but we do provide basic religious information on Netzarim Messianic Judaism and offer complete courses that will help you become a better prepared minister. Visit our online "Minister Training" to discover what we have. 

Q: The Netzarim Jewish Studies Certificate you offer is a real Complete Biblical Studies Course? 

A: Yes, our Jewish Studies Certificate comes in a five part studies of articles, videos and practical instructions about the Netzarim Judaism Faith studied by our ministers in a period of six to eight months. It is composed of more than 200 pages of detail information, the learning of 615 Mitzvot and the learning of complete basics of Jewish Talmud and Mishna.

Remember, the course programs of this religious intitution are designed solely for religious vocations" as outlined in Chapter 246.084 of the Florida Statutes. WMEK course programs are religious (non-secular) in nature and are granted by the authority of Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem, Inc. (WMEK), a religious organization authorized by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to conduct religiously-based training. Secular and non-secular degrees are different and designed for different purposes.

Q: I will be performing a ceremony and need help with planning?

A: We provide many resources to help you plan and conduct your ceremony.  The Wedding Officiant Ebook is an excellent source of information which contains all of the items you need to help perform a ceremony.

Q: Does Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem recognize Same Sex Marriages?

A: No. The God of Israel, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob does not recognized it, and we as followers of Yeshua do not do it either. But we respect their right reached under a secular government. 

Q: What is included in my shipping and handling charge?

A: Our rates cover the cost to pay for us to ship the items to you as soon as possible through DHL Express, messanger handling, envelopes, printing materials, etc. 

If you have any other questions or concerns please Contact Us