WMEK Messianic Jewish Association

WMEK Messianic Association

Netzarim Messianic Jewish Association.

159 Ordained Messianic Ministers (36 women) in 13 Countries
91 Affiliated Congregations,78 graduates in Jewish Studies &
53 Messianic Jewish Conversions is the webpage of Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem, a Netzarim Messianic Jewish Association.

Netzarim Judaism is a set of principles that encourage any of us to live a meaningful, exciting and vibrant life even in the face of hardships throughout our lives. There are millions of Messianic Jews around the world.

You have a higher call...

    We equipped people who have an ultimate call from above to serve the Messianic Jewish community as MsRav Ministers (Roeh / Pastor, Rabbi) as we help establish fellowships and congregations throughout the world.

  We do this by teaching what the Bible teaches (Netzarim Judaism) and how to make them part of your life  through articles and studies in our 2 Apologetics Websites: 

Messianic Association  (English)
Our YouTubeChannel  (Spanish & English)

Rev 14:12 "those who keep the commandments of Elohim (Torah) and the faith of Yeshua.."
Can I be part of the Messianic Jews Faith and the Netzarim Movement?
    Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem helps many Messianic Jews Pastors and Congregations affiliated with us to reach its full potential.  Netzarim Jews find out that the Statement Beliefs of many Messianic Jews Associations are incompatible with their belief in Messiah Yeshua (divine messenger). WMKE offers them a strong Torah based organization in which to affiliate their congregations or their Ordained Credentials. 

Who are the Messianic Netzarim Jews

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messianic rabbi ordination
      We want to enable, equip, and free you and your congregation to do what Adonai has called you to. If you are more Ministry-servant inclined please consider how to become an Ordained  Minister Roeh (Pastor) or Rabbi. As a Legal Minister, you will be able to bring the Good News of Yeshua the Messiah of Israel, the coming of His Kingdom to all those called to be part of Israel.  Read more



    We encourage Ministers to open new congregations or to affiliate your congregation or fellowship under our Ministry. You will be associated (Charter) with a growing group of congregations and synagogues who hold similar beliefs (Torah-observant Jews who believe in Yeshua), to receive all the materials you need to conduct Shabbat and all YHWH's Festivities, and to receive support and guidance.  Read more


WMEK Messianic AssociationWe offer a complete Certificate in Jewish Studies Online through our Messianic Yeshiva that allows you to learn at your own pace, combining in-depth study of Judaic texts with approaches to the history, culture, and religion of Israel. 

We invite you to consider all these Jewish Studies Online Program has to offer. Our desire is to equip you as a servant of our loving Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel.  Read More


Over 100 academic level articles and commentaries on Torah related topics.  Read hundreds of articles and teachings here! Torah, Israel, Holidays, Bible Teachings, Messiahs Perspective and much more. Learn more about the Faith of the Hebrew Roots of Yeshua and its followers. Read more

Certificate of Conversion to Netzarim Messianic Judaism


Messianic Believers Need Conversion

We must recognize many non-Jewish believers, who have come out of the Gentile world into Israel through Messiah, feel and live much more as a Jew than a Gentile or even a Christian. They are surely no longer Gentiles in their lifestyles. !Be proud of your roots and be recognized as a Bnei Anusim (descendant of Jews)!     Read more


      Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem has put together some Free Bible Resources Online in English, Portuguese and Spanish, from which you and your Messianic Congregation can get articles and software to flourish according to the Laws of Elohim. More than 100 Bible Resources for ministries and Pastors. Read More

Thank you for visiting our ministry page, we at Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem try to make you discover the  Netzarim Jesus / Yeshua (divine messenger), the   Messianic Jews faith and the authority of Torah!  
Then, your life will change forever!


Note: At WMEK we respect and love all those who, with sincere love, seek and follow Yeshua the Messiah, the Jewish people and the State of Israel. We are Jews by faith, observant of the Torah, which accepts Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel (divine messenger).

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