Certificate of Conversion to Messianic Judaism


Messianic Jewish Believers Need Conversion

We must recognize many non-Jewish believers, who have come out of the Gentile world into Israel through Messiah, feel and live much more as a Jew than a Gentile or even a Christian, they need conversion to Judaism.

They are surely no longer Gentiles in their lifestyles. When a Messianic Jew does not has a way of obtaining Shtar geirut (a certificate of his/her conversion) and feel proud of their roots, it sometimes results in a strong urge to adhere to Israel through an orthodox conversion as their claim to Israel. Messianic Judaism in many cases has been variously described as a sect, cult, or heresy. They are not. Learn how to become a Messianic Jew, convert to Messianic Judaism. 

You can find proof of your Jewishness through Jewish heritage (Genealogy. Let WMEK Bnei Anusim Genealogy be your Family History Coach (Mentor) and find your lost ancestors. Lets research together: Contact Us), DNA or be recognized by their fruit (according to Yeshua in Matthew 7:16,20). 

In recent decades, there has been a renewed Jewish conversion interest with some Bnei Anusim (children of the forced (converts)), that is, the descendants of Jews who were forced to convert to other faiths, like Sephardic Ancestry. If you are one of them, you need to Convert to Messianic Judaism to be accepted and to feel good about yourself. Its your right!

But when someone asks one of our converts, “what is your religion?The natural and appropriate answer is, “Judaism.”

It comes down to the Olive Tree theology of Rom 11.  Avraham was not born Jewish and faith saved him and he became the father of all Jews, either by descent or ingrafting by faith. Avraham teaches us that faith is the way for anyone whether born Jewish or not, just as observing Torah. 

Messianic  Jewish Conversion: All other branches of Judaism provide for Gentile “conversion.” Netzarim Messianic Judaism must also provide for Gentile “conversion.” In reality Netzarim Judaism is a “branch,” “sect,” or “denomination” of Judaism which accepts Yeshua of Nazareth, man no G-d, as Israel’s Messiah. We are not Christians since we do not follow the basic precepts of Christian faith: Jesus as deity (a "Trinity" of G-ds into one), the virginal birth, not acceptance of the Law of Moses, rejection of the  Feasts of Elohim and Shabbat, etc. It is therefore importance we maintain a clear distinction between Netzarim Messianic Judaism and Gentile Christianity.

Typically, Reform Rabbis require prospective converts to take a course of study in Judaism, such as an "Introduction to Judaism" course, to participate in worship at a synagogue, and to live as a Jew for a period of time. Orthodox and Conservative rabbis require both male and female conversion candidates to immerse themselves in a ritual bath called a mikveh. This ceremony is called tevillah. 

Process of Gentile Conversion to Netzarim Messianic Judaism in WMEK

!Be proud of your roots and be recognized 
as a Bnei Anusim (a descendant of Jews)!

The WMEK Netzarim Messianic Judaism Gerut requires a recognized and somewhat standardized process or "examination". Here are the requirements:

 • The candidate must be actively participating in a Messianic Jewish synagogue, kehila or congregation for at least a year, or has performed all the Feasts of Elohim stablish in Leviticus 23. 

 • The candidate must have faith in Yeshua Messiah.

 • The candidate must have knowledge and practice all the 613 Laws of Elohim. And  have knowledge and practice of Jewish Halakha and major Hebrew blessings.

 • The candidate must choose a Hebrew name (a shem kodesh), or one will be provided by us.

  • The candidate must write out a full and clear account of their lifestyle as a Messianic Jew.

 • The candidate must agree with the WMEK Statement of Faith.

 • The candidate must agree and practice kosher (dietary law in Leviticus 11).

 • The candidate must take the vow that Ruth 1:16–17 took.

 • The candidate, if male and more than 8 days older (Gen 17:12; Lev 12:3), does not required circumcision (Brit milah or hatafat dam brit), but of the heart.(Jer 4:4; 9:26)

 Information Required

  •   Your  email
  •   An up to date carnet photo.
  •   and filled out the Certificate Registration bellow
If G-d brought you here, be recognized 
as a Netzarim Messianic Jew
who really believe in Yeshua as the Messiah and Torah!

The Certificate of Conversion to Netzarim Messianic Judaism 
in PDF Format Only  send to your email 
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After payment you will be asked to fill the Registration Form

     After we received your information and payment in less than 48 hours we will send your PDF Certificate of of Conversion to Netzarim Messianic Judaism signed, sealed and deliver to your email only.  
You can print it and display proudly at home or office.


Certificate of Conversion 
to Netzarim Messianic Judaism Holders
(Updated May 2024)

Hebrew Name & Legal Name
(50 Netzarim Jews) 
Be proud, be counted !
"Your servant is in the midst of your people which you have chosen, a great people, that can't be numbered nor counted for multitude".(1 Kings 3:8)
(You may choose to appear or not)

Rabbi Yosef Ben Marques (Jose E. Marques) 2020
Rabanih Batya Bat Rondon de Marques (Belinda Rondon-Marques) 2020
Eitana Bat Corredor (Elsie Corredor) 2020
Roeh Melitza Bat Ramirez (Roeh Morelia Ramirez) 2023
Tzofya Bat Aponte (Zoraida Aponte) 2023
Johana Bat SenLuis (Josefa SenLuis) 2023
Elisheba Bat Avendaño-Vargas (Eny Avendaño de Vargas) 2023
Anram Ben Vargas (Andres Felipe Vargas) 2023
Jadash Ben Laya (Jose Laya) 2023
Liba Bat Dugarte (Luz Marina Dugarte) 2023
Calanit Bat Dugarte (Carmen Elena Dugarte) 2023
Miryam Bat Dugarte (Maria Lucrecia Dugarte) 2023
Bitania Bat Liendo (Vilma Liendo) 2023
Roeh Efrat Bat Perez (Roeh Eilin Perez) 2023
 Elsa Bat Reyes-Berrios (Elba Reyes de Berrios) 2023
 Aniel Ben Berrios (Carlos Berrios) 2023
Jennet Bat Berrios (Karla Nicole Berrios)2023
 Odelia Bat Reyes (Omaira Reyes) 2023
 Elisea Bat Morales (Juvenal Morales)2023
Rav Bqoi Yaakov Ben Day (George Day) 2023
Kyle Ben Conger (Kyle Conger) 2023
Eliyahu Shmuel Ben Yah (Agustin Angel Perez) 2023
Siona Bat Allen (Cecilia Stefanie Allen) 2023
 Hadriel Ben Allen (Jan Petrus Allen) 2023
Jadiel Ben Saliva (Jeffrey Sliva) 2023
Barac Ben Templeman (Bruce Templeman) 2024
Zakia Bat Jackson (Robin Jackson) 2024
Uziel Ben Macrino (Vincenzo Macrino) 2024
Hadassa Bat Miller (Brenda Miller) 2024
Biel Ben Stewart /Barry W Stewart Jr.) 2024
Othniel Ben Hall (Brian Hall) 2024
Yaakov Ben Smith (James Frank Smith) 2024
Rivka Bat Bahr (Rebecca Bahr) 2024
Mikhael Ben Rodriguez (Maikel Rodriguez) 2024
David Ben Tucker (David Tucker) 2024
Naya Bat Yohanan (Nadia Omes Taylor) 2024
Binyamin Ben Zakaria (Berrouane Zakaria) 2024
Aaron Ben Lara (Andrew Lara) 2024
Yael Bat Hornyak (Sara Hornyak) 2024
Binyamin Ben Evans (Donald Evans) 2024
Shemuel Ben Major (Stephen Major) 2024
Malachi Ben Harris (Elbert Harris) 2024
Eden Bat Suchon (Stephanie Suchon) 2024
Matityahu Ben Lawrence (Matthew Lawrence) 2024
Yaffa Bat Van Dik (Linda Van Dik) 2024
Yahoshua Ben Martinez (Jesus Martinez) 2024
Rut Bat Villanueva (Angelica Villanueva Curet) 2024
Mikhael Ben Gehrmann (Michael Gehrmann--Gacasa) 2024

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Note: Presently no other branch of Judaism will accept a Messianic Jewish conversion. Candidates must accept that Messianic Jewish Gerut probably will not give them acceptance in the Jewish community. The Supreme Court of Israel ruled in 1989 that Messianic Judaism constituted “another religion,” and that Jewish people who had become Messianic were not eligible for Aliyah under the law. “The rights of a Jew under this law and the rights of oleh (aliyah, or immigration) under the Nationality Law … are also vested in a child and a grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew, and the spouse of a grandchild of a Jew.” Also, they may not be guaranteed acceptance in some Messianic Jewish circles.