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Ministry Manuals for Messianic Jewish Ministers (PDF Format)
2001 - Netzarim Messianic Ministry Manual  (Guide to Jewish netzarim Customs) - 63 Pages         
2002 - Complete Guide to Wedding Officiant  -  64 Pages                                                      
2003 - How to Turn Today's Bible into the Original Scripture - 56 Pages
2004 - 250 Key Bible Verses Disproves the Trinity & the Virgen Birth  - 75 Pages
2005 - How to Start a Successful Online Ministry in 90 Days! - 65 pages
ebooks and manuals worldwide ministry elohei kedem
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Credentials for Messianic Jewish Minister (Roeh Pastor / Rabbi)
3004 - Wallet credential & Letter Good Standing (renew every 2 years) 
(for WMKE Ordained Ministers Only- Please include your Register Number)  
credentials for messianic jewish minister pastor or rabbi
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Ministry Certificates for Messianic Jewish Ministers (Roeh Pastor / Rabbi)
4001 - Marriage Certificate                                                                  
4002 - Renewall of Vows Certificate                                                   
4003 - Baptism Certificate                                                                  
4004 - Baby Naming  Certificate                                                         
4005 - Congregation Membership Certificate                                              
4006 - Bar and Bat Mitzvah Certificates  
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Ministry CD / DVD for Messianic Jewish Minister (Roeh/Rabbi)
5001 - Complete Netzarim Jewish Studies Course with Tests 

netzarim certificate in messianic jewish studies

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Ministry Store and Church Supplies 
6001 - Kippah Tephillim 
Kippah Tefillin

The Kippah Tephillim comes with scrolls of parchement inscribed with verses from the Torah, used by Torah Observants to comply with Deu 6:6. and Deu 11:18.. It is very easy to wear at all times. Comes in five colors: white, black, blue, purple and green 

Like the one used by our Rabbi's Ministry Videos in

                                             Only $ 27,00
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6002 - 613 Mitzvot Software
613 mitzvot

Study, learn and meditate on the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) of the Torah (Pentateucus) 
according to  Maimonides by:

1. 34 Different Themes
2. Positive Commandments (248) 
3. Negative Commandments (Prohibitions) (365)
4. Commandments by Ocurrance in the Torah 
5. 54 Parashat (Bible Readings each week)

                                                                                      Only $ 6,99
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