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Online Certificate in Messianic Jewish Studies 

   Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem Messianic Association has developed a complete Messianic Jewish Studies Program to help our Ordained Messianic Ministers (Pastors or Rabbi) leaders and members of our congregations to have a solid base of faith in all areas of Pastoral and scripture knowledge. 

(Note: All our studies are now in Spanish 
Nuestros estudios estan ahora en Español)

Now we make it available to you, the faithful follower of our Rabbi Yeshua

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The Online Certificate in Messianic Jewish Studies is designed for persons who seek six months to a year of graduate level study in preparation for serving in messianic ministry.

The Certificate in Messianic Jewish Studies covers a wide variety of carefully selected topics, highly relevant for anyone seeking to become an interpreter of biblical texts.

This Program consists of 15 Lessons. This study plan offered is flexible and self-paced, and videos can be seen in any PC or Laptop device with Windows. The content was developed for Christ-followers who desire to gain a multi-faceted understanding of the Bible and Jewish Studies with a focus in the Netzarim way of life.

Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem

The Online Certificate in Messianic Jewish Studies comes with the following courses:

Messianic Jewish Seal - WMEKS101. Complete Studies of Tanack                                 
S102 Complete Studies of the Netzarim Scriptures
S103 Studies of the Laws of Moses and the Torah

RS101 Contemporary preaching of the Torah
RS201 Foundations of pastoral care and counseling
RS301 Leadership and biblical management

HB101 & GR 101 Basic fundamentals of Greek and Hebrew 
RW101 Rabbinical theology - Jewish Law (Talmud and Mishna)
RS401 Theology of the Siddur and YHWH's Festivities

RW301 Traditions of Jewish life and Mysticism
H101 Jewish History
H102 Jewish world of Y'shua

S104 Elohim's Plan for the Jewish people.
RW102 Rabbinical literature
RS501 How to live as a Messianic Jew

Product Description

This  Certificate Messianic Jewish Studies Includes:
  • 15 Lessons in a Software Program you can study at your own pace.
  • 20  EBooks in Judaism, Talmud, Torah, and Kabala to complement your studies
  • Certificate of Messianic Jewish Studies (signed, seal and scan in PDF Color File you can print and frame at your desire) by our ministry and send to your email address the moment you finished your tests and assignments.

Free Bonus

  • Complete  Messianic Jewish Ministry Manual- a complete guide to be a Messianic Minister in today's world
  • 613 Mitzvot Software: 
    Study, learn and meditate on the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) of the Torah (Pentateuch) 
    according to  Maimonides

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messianic jewish studies certificate
   Every minister should begin by reading the Bible from start to finish - Tanack and Netzarim Scriptures. It is critical that a minister develop his own sense of the progression of these holy teachings.  They should begin with Bereshit (Genesis), all through the teachings of Yeshua' Talmudim in the Netzarim Scriptures provides lessons from the past, mandates from God, and the framework for how we as Messianic Jews should live. 

         We are sure you will be more prepared to do the work Elohim has designed for your ministry. Please, take this opportunity to know the Torah, the Jewish customs and apply them to your life.

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WMEK is a religious organization founded in the U.S.A., recognized by many Messianic Jewish congregations and organizations, and our certificate program is recognized by the State of Florida, "designed solely for religious vocations" as outlined in Chapter 246.084 of the Florida Statutes. WMEK degrees are religious (non-secular) in nature and are granted by the authority of the Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem, Inc. (WMEK), a religious organization authorized by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to conduct religiously-based training.

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