Minister's Photo Gallery

This photo gallery includes entries from a handful of our many ordained ministers and Rabbis and their life-long memories created through their work as ministers.

WMKE Messianic Association granted 
Certificates of Convertion to Netzarim Judaism
to members of the Kehila Elohei Kedem
August 2019

Fellowship in Venezuela "Kehi la Elohei Kedem Monagas"
affiliated to WMEK Messianic Association, a Messianic Netzarin Jewish Association. 
Please contact Mesiannic Roeh Jackie Rondon 
Phone: +58 424-9715697 or through this ministry

Roeh Jackie Rondon (with Tallit)

Ceremony of Messianic Jewish Marriages under the Chuppah 
by Officiant Rabbi Yosef & Belinda Ben Marques
Head Rabbi of WMEK  Messianic Association

Junio 2019 - Genesis & Ben
August 2019 - Deivis & Eilin
Rabbies Belinda & Yosef

Rabbis Yosef & Belinda Ben Marques June and August 2019 
officiating a wedding under the Chuppah.

Given Certificates of Messianic Jewish Studies
by WMEK Rabbies Yosef and Belinda Ben Marques
Kehila Elohei Kedem, Caracas   April - July 2019

Shamashim Elsie Corredor         Eilin Perez               Pastor Deivis Castro

      Andres Vargas                          Enny Avendaño de Vargas     

We are making sure our Messianic Ministers are always well prepared!

affiliated to WMEK Messianic Association

Rabbi Rodney Coleman's Wife has scored the highest point on her  AirCraft Engineering Test. Congratulations. 

             Messianic Assembly for the Kingdom of YAHWEH, Arizona
                                               affiliated to WMEK Messianic Association
                                                                     Rabbi Jeffrey Cook 

To make a Strong point. Bigger is always better!  

Rabbi Yosef Ben Marques