Minister's Photo Gallery

This photo gallery includes entries from a handful of our many ordained ministers and Rabbis and their life-long memories created through their work as ministers.


On September 2023 our Rabbi Yosef ben Marques suffer a heart failure. 
He is getting better each day. 
He is very thankful for everyone emails, letters and well wishes. 
He got back to work with Elohim's great help.
Thanks to all

Our Rabbi Eliyahu Shmuel Ben Yah
has publish some good books in Amazon (Sep 23)
Take a look in this link

Special Course:
Revelation: Lies and Truths
Given in Kehila Elohei Kedem in Caracas by Rabbi Yosef Ben Marques, all in three special days in April 2022.


WMEK Messianic Association always buys what it needs 
from dealers in Israel to help the Jewish People and the Land of Israel

We encourage you to buy goods and religious items from Israel, 
to pray for Israel, to be part of a pro-Israel organization and to visit Israel.  

You should visit the Land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and our Messiah Yeshua 


Celebration of Pesaj-Jag Hamatzot 2021 

(Seder was conducted online by Rabbies)

45 members were able to participate at their homes


Januquia en la Kehila Elohei Kedem  Dec 2020

Ja Sameaj Januca


"We as a community have been so Blessed how Yahweh opened new doors after engaging with your ministry beginning of 2019. I am and always have been so passionate about The Truth of What Marriage covenant making with Yahweh is so intimate and Kodesh Holy. This is not something I find many don’t realize. So for 6 years that has really been what Yahweh has had myself and my precious Husband walk roads with couples and families so that the can be open to Yahweh Building them upon His Torah His Way His Truth His Life. I have had many ask over the years after we have walked with them to please marry them". 

              Rabbi Jacqueline Hendry with her family in South Africa (November 2020)



Wash Your Hands - Keep Social Distance

Vaccine is being distributed right now!
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Please Read

English Version
The Fourth Seal of Apocalypse Was Open: War, Hanger and Pestilence 
Spanish Versión
Se Abrió el Cuarto Sello del Apocalipsis: Guerra, Hambre y Pestilencia 

Relax and read Psalm 91100 & 121 slowly

The Creator of the Universe is in control!

Blessings for all
Rabbi Yosef Ben Marques


WMEK Messianic Association desire to all our staff and Rabbis and Roeh, Israel, Jerusalem and the Jewish People best wishes in this Celebration of Lights, Hanukkah. 
May Elohim, the Creator of the Universe, the God of Israel, Abraham, Isaak and Jacob bless your lives, ministries and families with the magic of His miracles and words of wisdom from the Torah 
in Yeshua, our Messiah of Israel. 
Rabbi Yousef and Batya Ben Marques 


New Bimah for Torah
Constructed by our Messianic Rabby Jeffrey Cook of Arizona, USA
If interested please contact Rabbi Cook at

It will be available in Amazon next year 
Simply Beautiful!
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WMKE Messianic Association
has open its first office in Europe 
October 2019

We have come to the Old Continent and open our first office in the Portuguese city of Quarteira (South of the country). We are finishing setting up, but are glad and ready to help those who embrace Torah and the Messiah Yeshua (No God) and love the Jewish people and Israel. Our new address and local phones you can find them in our Contact Us page. Remember we also have offices in Caracas and Florida. 

Quarteira Portugal  WMEK Messianic Association  


WMKE Messianic Association granted 
Certificates of Convertion to Netzarim Judaism
to members of the Kehila Elohei Kedem
August 2019

Kehila Elohei KedemKehila Elohei Kedem


Fellowship in Venezuela "Kehi la Elohei Kedem Monagas"
affiliated to WMEK Messianic Association, a Messianic Netzarin Jewish Association. 
Please contact Mesiannic Roeh Jackie Rondon 
Phone: +58 424-9715697 or through this ministry

Roeh Jackie Rondon (with Tallit)
Ceremony of Messianic Jewish Marriages under the Chuppah 
by Officiant Rabbi Yosef & Belinda Ben Marques
Head Rabbi of WMEK  Messianic Association

Junio 2019 - Genesis & Ben
August 2019 - Deivis & Eilin
Rabbies Belinda & Yosef

Rabbis Yousef & Belinda Ben Marques June and August 2019 
officiating a wedding under the Chuppah.
Using the Scrips provided in our Page "Free Messianic Bible-Resources"


Given Certificates of Messianic Jewish Studies
by WMEK Rabbies Yosef and Belinda Ben Marques
Kehila Elohei Kedem, Caracas   April - July 2019

Shamashim Elsie Corredor         Roeh Eilin Perez .

      Andres Vargas                          Enny Avendaño de Vargas     

We are making sure our Messianic Ministers are always well prepared!


             Messianic Assembly for the Kingdom of YAHWEH, Arizona
                                               affiliated to WMEK Messianic Association
                                                                     Rabbi Jeffrey Cook 


To make a Strong point. Bigger is always better!  

Rabbi Yosef Ben Marques