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We are dedicated to help Christians who love Yeshua (Jesus) to return to the Hebrew roots of the original true faith and the authority of Torah. We are not responsible for the views presented in some of these articles)

Will Israel Ever Accept Messianic Jews?  (

A study found One-fifth of Jewish millennials believe Jesus (Yeshua) is the son of God  (


Messianic Jews Persecuted: A Messianic Congregation in Israel pursues a legal case against the group that attacked its church. (CBN News -



Most US Jews oppose Trump but the Orthodox stick with him  (

Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital and Orders U.S. Embassy to Move (

Christian Leaders Worldwide Join Rabbi Eckstein in Applauding ‘Courageous’ US Recognition of Jerusalem (

After Trump’s Speech, Czech Republic Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel (


Messianic Jews Pray For Orthodox Mob 'Besieging' Their Congregation  (



Sanhedrin bans all Messianic Jewish marriages in Israel

Israeli Court Recognizes Messianic Jewish Congregation (