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Ministry Manuals for Messianic Jewish Ministers (eBook Format)
2001 - Netzarim Messianic Jewish Minister Manual 
2002 - Complete Guide to Wedding Officiant 
2003 - How to Start a Successful Online Ministry in 90 Days! 
2004 - 250 Key Bible Verses Disproves the Trinity, and the Virgen Birth 
2005 - Complete Apocrypha of the Old and New Testament  

Ministry Manuel for Messianic Jewish Pastor

Only $ 5,95 each

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 We Create And Customize 5 Page Website for Messianic Congregations and Ministries Only

We offer professional website creating service for churches such as Publishing events, calendar, sermons, media, store, ministry details and get donation online. 

$150 Basic Package: responsive, eye catching website in 10 days 

  • . A Complete Five Page Website.
  • . Fully Responsive.
  • . Friendly Admin Panel for Easy Management of your website's contents via WordPress. No coding skills required.
  • . One Slider of 3 to 5 Slides in the Home Page if need it.
  • . One Contact Form with free Gmail account and setting of a account.
  • . Only 5 Sections like: Home, About, Services, Gallery, Donation, Contact (Extra page $20).
  • . Using Non-Premium / Free Themes and free images.
  • . Complete SEO and Mobile friendly.
  • . With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn Links (You provide links)
  • . Submited to 129 search engines and directories
  • . 5000 Individual human visits in the first month. 
  • . Feature in the famous Messianic Congregations Directory in English and Spanish of and
  • . If we provide content you pay $20 extra per page.
  • . We work with and, you pay for Domain Name and Donation's account.
  • 10% Discount for our WMEK Messianic Association Members.
  • FREE BONUS: Ebook - How to Start a Successful Online Ministry in 90 Days!

Get the Basic Website Package
for only $150.00

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You are invite to provide your ideas and what you expecting from us. We will send you a Website Data Form so you can provide all your ideas and content, additionally with your photos, images and logos. Any extra pages or content needs will be charged latter. .

Ministry Certificates for Messianic Jewish Ministers (Roeh Pastor / Rabbi)
4001 - Marriage Certificate                                                                  
4002 - Renewal of Vows Certificate                                                   
4003 - Baptism Certificate                                                                  
4004 - Baby Naming  Certificate                                                         
4005 - Congregation Membership Certificate                                              
4006 - Bar and Bat Mitzvah Certificates  
messianic certificates, messianic jewish certificates         
Messianic Jewish Certificates Pack
Only $ 4,95 per  Whole Pack of 7 Certificates
      These are perfect beautiful colored  Pdf certificateS you can download 
and print at your convenience any time you need them

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6002 - 613 Mitzvot Software
613 mitzvot software Messianic Ministry Store and Church Resources

Study, learn and meditate on the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) of the Torah (Pentateuch) 
according to  Maimonides by:

1. 34 Different Themes
2. Positive Commandments (248) 
3. Negative Commandments (Prohibitions) (365)
4. Commandments by Occurrence in the Torah 
5. 54 Parashat (Bible Readings each week)

                                                                                      Only $ 2,99
                                                        Download online after payment


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