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Ministry Manuals for Messianic Jewish Ministers (eBook Format)
2001 - Netzarim Messianic Jewish Minister Manual 
2002 - Complete Guide to Wedding Officiant 
2003 - How to Start a Successful Online Ministry in 90 Days! 
2004 - 250 Key Bible Verses Disproves the Trinity, and the Virgen Birth 
2005 - Complete Apocrypha of the Old and New Testament  

Ministry Manuel for Messianic Jewish Pastor

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Hebrew Roots New Testament Studies Certificate    
#2007 Study the New Testament through Hebrew eyes

Complete System Online with Videos, and Booklet.

Hebrew new testament Studies through Hebrew Eyes
An Hebrew overview of the New Testament is necessary for Biblical literacy. You need to know more than Bible stories with moral lessons. People fail to really grasp the true meaning of the Hebrew Context. The end? weak testimonies, failed doctrines, unhappy controversies, idolatry and misconduct in Christian homes and in church leaders. 

Complete analysis Book by Book 

Deepened your relationship with God. With Biblical understanding, you feel confidence and faith. Read the most wonderful and powerful book ever written through Hebrew eyes and understanding. Know key historical persons, events, and more from Matthew to Revelation and its relationship with the Tanack (O.T.). Then you will understand why Yeshua is the Word of God. 

On successful completion of the course, we will issue you a handsome 8 and one-half by eleven Certificate of Hebrew Roots New Testament Studies, printed with your name and the current date, which is suitable for framing send to your home.

It’s God’s Word! Transform your Life! 
Only $ 45 
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Renewable Credentials for Messianic Jewish Rabbi 
3004 - Wallet credential & Letter Good Standing (renew every 2 years) 
(for WMKE Ordained Ministers Only- Please include your Register Number)  
credentials for messianic jewish minister pastor or rabbi
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Ministry Certificates for Messianic Jewish Ministers (Roeh Pastor / Rabbi)
4001 - Marriage Certificate                                                                  
4002 - Renewal of Vows Certificate                                                   
4003 - Baptism Certificate                                                                  
4004 - Baby Naming  Certificate                                                         
4005 - Congregation Membership Certificate                                              
4006 - Bar and Bat Mitzvah Certificates  
messianic certificates, messianic jewish certificates         
Messianic Jewish Certificates Pack
Only $ 10,95 per  Whole Pack of 5 Certificates
      These are perfect beautiful colored  Pdf certificateS you can download 
and print at your convenience any time you need them

Ministry CD / DVD for Messianic Jewish Minister (Roeh/Rabbi)
5001 - Complete Messianic Jewish Studies Course with Tests 
            If you lost your copy of the Messianic Jewish Studies Course and are not able to download it from our files links, just order a copy in CD and receive it by DHL Express. 

netzarim certificate in messianic jewish studies

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6002 - 613 Mitzvot Software
613 mitzvot software Messianic Ministry Store and Church Resources

Study, learn and meditate on the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) of the Torah (Pentateuch) 
according to  Maimonides by:

1. 34 Different Themes
2. Positive Commandments (248) 
3. Negative Commandments (Prohibitions) (365)
4. Commandments by Occurrence in the Torah 
5. 54 Parashat (Bible Readings each week)

                                                                                      Only $ 6,99
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