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WMEK Membership Renovation ID &  1 Letter of Good Standing 

Once you are ordained as a Messianic Minister or Messianic Jewish Rabbi with this ministry (WMEK Messianic Association) you are ordained for life. But the Pocket Ordination Card (Laminated in plastic) & the Letter of Good Standing with this ministry have to be renovate every two years. If you need those documents to be in compliance with your state laws please send to your email both for only a $21 Donation. 
(Print both documents and laminate in plastic your new Pocket Ordination card) 

Please write Pastor Ref Number
Remember to write the number in the Title of Ordination.
Allow 1 Days to receive your documents in your email.

WMEK Ordination for Spouses of WMEK Ordained Rabbi

Once you are ordained as a Messianic Jewish Rabbi with this ministry (WMEK Messianic Association), your wife or husband can also be ordained by us by paying Only $44 USD. 

The Title in her Ordination Documents will be Messianic Jewish Rabanih. She will be welcome into our family of Messianic Ordained Rabbies with all the privileges conferred.

In case of doubt about our Messianic Minister or Messianic Jewish Rabbi Ordination Package read more here

Name & # of Ordained Rabbi

Ministry Manuals for Messianic Jewish Ministers (PDF Format)
2001 - Netzarim Messianic Jewish Minister Manual 
2002 - Complete Guide to Wedding Officiant 
2003 - How to Start a Successful Online Ministry in 90 Days! 
2004 - 250 Key Bible Verses Disproves the Trinity, and the Virgen Birth 
2005 - Complete Apocrypha of the Old and New Testament  

Ministry Manuel for Messianic Jewish Pastor

Only $ 2,00 each

Download online after payment
Note: All our products come in PDF File, so you can print them if you need.

Please write Ref.#of Manual

 We Create And Customize 5 Page Website for Messianic Congregations and Ministries Only

We offer professional website creating service for churches such as Publishing events, calendar, sermons, media, store, ministry details and get donation online. 

$150 Basic Package: responsive, eye catching website in 10 days 

  • . A Complete Five Page Website.
  • . Fully Responsive.
  • . Friendly Admin Panel for Easy Management of your website's contents via WordPress. No coding skills required.
  • . One Slider of 3 to 5 Slides in the Home Page if need it.
  • . One Contact Form with free Gmail account and setting of a account.
  • . Only 5 Sections like: Home, About, Services, Gallery, Donation, Contact (Extra page $20).
  • . Using Non-Premium / Free Themes and free images.
  • . Complete SEO and Mobile friendly.
  • . With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn Links (You provide links)
  • . Submited to 129 search engines and directories
  • . 5000 Individual human visits in the first month. 
  • . Feature in the famous Messianic Congregations Directory in English and Spanish of and
  • . If we provide content you pay $20 extra per page.
  • . We work with and, you pay for Domain Name and Donation's account.
  • 10% Discount for our WMEK Messianic Association Members.
  • FREE BONUS: Ebook - How to Start a Successful Online Ministry in 90 Days!

Get the Basic Website Package
for only $70.00

You are invite to provide your ideas and what you expecting from us. We will send you a Website Data Form so you can provide all your ideas and content, additionally with your photos, images and logos. Any extra pages or content needs will be charged latter. .


Ministry Certificates for Messianic Jewish Congregations (Roeh Pastor / Rabbi)
4001 - Marriage Certificate                                                                  
4002 - Renewal of Vows Certificate                                                   
4003 - Baptism Certificate                                                                  
4004 - Baby Naming  Certificate                                                         
4005 - Congregation Membership Certificate                                              
4006 - Bar Mitzvah Certificate
4007 - Bat Mitzvah Certificate  
messianic certificates, messianic jewish certificates         
7 Messianic Jewish Certificates Pack
Only $ 2,95 per  Whole Pack of 7 Certificates in PDF
      These are perfect beautiful colored  PDF certificates you can download 
and print at your convenience any time you need them In your congregation

6002 - 613 Mitzvot Software
613 mitzvot software Messianic Ministry Store and Church Resources

Study, learn and meditate on the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) of the Torah (Pentateuch) 
according to  Maimonides by:

1. 34 Different Themes
2. Positive Commandments (248) 
3. Negative Commandments (Prohibitions) (365)
4. Commandments by Occurrence in the Torah 
5. 54 Parashat (Bible Readings each week)

                                                                                      Only $ 1,99
                                                        Download online after payment

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