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The Best of Messianic Jews Books, Head Covering and Jewelry Selection (Amazon)

WMEK Membership Renovation ID &  1 Letter of Good Standing 

Once you are ordained as a Messianic Minister or Messianic Jewish Rabbi with this ministry (WMEK Messianic Association) you are ordained for life. But the Pocket Ordination Card (Laminated in plastic) & the Letter of Good Standing with this ministry have to be renovate every two years. If you need those documents to be in compliance with your state laws please send to your email both for only a $65 Donation. It will be renew for 2 years.

Please write Pastor Ref Number
Remember to write the number in the Title of Ordination.
Allow 5 to 7 working days to receive your documents at your home or office.

WMEK Ordination for spouses of WMEK Ordained Rabbis

Once you are ordained as a Messianic Jewish Rabbi with this ministry (WMEK Messianic Association), your wife or husband can also be ordained by us by paying Only $44 USD. together with your ordination. Outside your Ordination Application include plus $35 for DHL Service.

The Title in her Ordination Documents will be Messianic Jewish Rabanih. She will be welcome into our family of Messianic Ordained Rabbis with all the privileges conferred.

In case of doubt about our Messianic Minister or Messianic Jewish Rabbi Ordination Package read more here

Name & # of Ordained Rabbi

Ministry Manuals for Messianic Jewish Ministers (PDF Format)

2001 - Netzarim Messianic Jewish Minister Manual 
2002 - Complete Guide to Wedding Officiant 
2003 - How to Start a Successful Online Ministry in 90 Days! 
2004 - 250 Key Bible Verses Disproves the Trinity, and the Virgen Birth 
2005 - Complete Analysis of Apocrypha of Tanakh, NT with Enoch, Jasher & Jubilees
2006 - Handbook of Messianic Jewish Ceremonies, Rites and Hebrew Blessings

Ministry Manuel for Messianic Jewish Pastor

Only $ 4,99 each

Download online after payment
Note: All our products come in EXE or PDF File, so you can print them if you need.

Please write Ref.#of Manual

Ministry Certificates for Messianic Jewish Congregations 
(Roeh Pastor / Rabbi)
4001 - Certificate of Marriage                                                                 
4002 - Certificate of Renewal of Vows                                                   
4003 - Certificate of Tevillah  (Baptism)                                           
4004 - Certificate  of Baby Naming  (Boy)
         - Certificate of Baby Naming   (Girl)                                           
4005 - Certificate of Brit Milah  (Circumcision) (2)                          
4006 - Certificate of Bar Mitzvah (12 years Boys)
4007 - Certificate of Bat Mitzvah (12 Years Girls)
4008 - Certificate of Ketubah   (Jewish Marriage Covenant) (3)
4009 - Certificate  of Congregation's Membership 
4010 - Certificate of Torah's Course 
            Plus 3 Jewish Wedding Ceremonies Scripts, Brit & Bat Mitzvah Scripts, Ketubah Text in          English and Hebrew, and How to use these Certificates and Scripts.

messianic certificates, messianic jewish certificates         
10 Messianic Jewish Certificates Pack
Only $ 4,99 per  Whole Pack of 10 Certificates in PDF
      These are perfect beautiful coloured  PDF certificates you can download 
and print at your convenience any time you need them in your congregation 
or ministry. Includes Wedding Ceremony Scripts
Comes in an EXE File.


Is your Name in the Torah?

"The Bible code (Hebrew: הצופן התנ"כי, hatzofen hatanachi), also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of encoded words within a Hebrew text of the Torah that, according to proponents, has predicted significant historical events"

Once your name has been found in the Bible Code, there is a numerical value of the letters that form your name, known in Hebrew as Gematria. This numerical value, plus other additional extended Gematria values - all related to your personal name, can unlock many secrets! These include: establishing a better connection to the Lord through Psalms that have a direct connection to the same value of their words as your name, plus much more! It comes in PDF File with complete explanation send to your email. (Allowed 48 hours to received it)

Get your matrix with your name in Hebrew in the Torah
for a Donation of $3,95

Name and year of birth
Remember to include your complete name and year of birth


Jewish Wedding Ceremony for Messianic Jewish Couples

Choose Rabbi Yosef  Ben Marques y Rabanih Batya Bat Rondon-Marquez to be your Wedding Officiants to perform your Jewish Wedding Ceremony.

You can choose between a Religious, Spiritual or Interfaith style ceremony. No matter what type of ceremony you desire, the officiants will work with you to make it amazing. Wherever your ceremony is taking place, the Officiants will travel to that location or venue in Venezuela, and they can also travel across the USA and around the World.

Just want to pop over to the beach?  Do it in your backyard? A park? There is the perfect package for a quick no frills but amazing ceremony. Or do you want a Traditional Ceremony package that incorporates wording from our Wedding Ceremonies Samples page. 

This is for Couples who want a wonderful fun and romantic ceremony experience at the venue of their choice. Includes unlimited phone calls and email support. We can also, incorporate a 2nd language into your ceremony. Remember fees for travel expenses are applicable. 

Please Contact us by Email: or WhatsApp +58 412 4310756 for availability and prices. 


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