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Linking Suggestions

Feel free to link to in any way you choose. You may link to (the main page) or to any of the article pages on the site. The code for linking to the individual articles can be found near the bottom of these pages.

For those who are not sure how to insert a link to on your page, you can copy and paste the HTML code below.

The above code merely says "Netzarim Messianic Judaism" (without the quotation marks). You may want to add to it so that it doesn't sound quite so mysterious; for example, "Thanks to for .....". (Actually, just say whatever you feel like saying.)

Remember: you can link to this site any way you like. You also don't need to ask us for permission to link to any page on this site. If you want we can link to you in the ministry pages, a reciprocal thanks to you.

Buttons and Banners

Buttons and banners are still available for you to use to link to or  if you want. For your convenience, the cut-and-paste code for them are also included bellow.