Special offers for WMEK Members

 Special offers for WMEK Members

Renew for 2 years your WMEK ID + Letter of Good Standing + Church Charter

Once you are ordained as a Messianic Minister or Messianic Jewish Rabbi with this ministry (WMEK Messianic Association) you are ordained for life. The Pocket Ordination Card (Laminated in plastic) & the Letter of Good Standing with this ministry have to be renovate every two years for $65. Also if your ministry or congregation is associate with us, you will paid $65 per 2 year,

Get a 35% off the regular price and renew for 3 years your documents and Certificate of Church Charter. Normally you will paid $130 for 3 years renewal, but since your are an Ordained Rabbi or Roeh with a register Church Charter with WMEK Messianic Association, we have a special offer: received a $55 savings if you do both.

                                                Get this special offer for WMEK Members 
for only $75.00

Please write Pastor Ref Number
Name of Ministry / Church

Remember to write the number in the Title of Ordination and
an Updated Name of your Congregation or Ministry

Allow 5 to 7 working days to receive your documents at your home or office.
An (R-2025) notation will be aggregated to your listing in the Ordination Directory

We would like to remember you the following full benefits of Messianic Chartership with WMEK Messianic Association: 
  1.  Receive all the authority necessary to begin your own independent ministry or church. 
  2. We empower you with the authority of to ordain people into your church or ministry under your own church or ministry name. Your ordinations must be Jewish-Christian only.  The people you ordain must be under your direct authority.
  3. We will empower your ministry or congregation to be recognize as a legal organization.
  4. We will provide you with educational materials Videos; PowerPoint Siddur for weekday and Shabbat prayer services, and many more  legal and spiritual support and guidance in your walking to success in your congregation's or ministry's efforts.
  5. We may help all our charter members who need it, to Incorporate your Ministry, obtain its Employer Identification Number (EIN)  and its Tax ID Number as non-profit organization  in the United States for a reasonable fee. 
  6. We provide Certificates of Conversion for Gentiles to Netzarim Judaism to all our congregation's members affiliated to WMEK Messianic Association who comply with the requirements, for a reasonable fee.
  7. We provided any theological answers and counseling you or your congregation may need during the year.
  8. You can have a 20% discount on all our ministry products.