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Be part of a growing group of congregations and organizations who hold similar beliefs as the First Followers of the Messiah Yeshua: Messianic Jews. Obtain the Messianic Congregations Charter Documents for your new or existing congregation, organization, or ministry with Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem Messianic Association (known as WMEK). 

How to Get a Messianic Chartership Certificate
1.Make a one-time payment to Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem of Only $35.00 USD for your registration if you are not an Ordained Rabbi of this institution.  This fee helps to cover our operating costs. In case you are one of our Ordained Rabbies please just renew your Certificate.   
2.Fill the Application Form entirely, and send it to us.

          (Please allow 2 business days to received it in PDF Format ).
WMKE Messianic Association does not govern, neither provide financial resources for internal operations of any group or ministry, however, our office is ready to respond to any spiritual need of which we are called to help. 

1. Your Congregation / Ministry must firmly believe and  teach our  Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem Statement of Faith 
2. Your Congregation / Ministry must teach the observance of Hebrew Sabbath, Levitical Holy Festivities and Biblical Kosher Food
3. Your Congregation / Ministry must teach that Torah is for all Believers in Messiah
4. You must be Legally Ordained by us or by a recognized institution.
5. You should be of legal age. 
6. You should upload a real photo of yourself.
7. Please send the name of your Congregation, Group or Ministry or its legal documents. 
8. Also every year renew your Chartership Certificate with WMEK Messianic Association with offering of $35 per year and received by mail a new Certificate of Chartership valid for one year. 

These are the benefits of Messianic Chartership with WMEK Messianic Association: 
  1. Receive all the authority necessary to begin your own independent ministry or church. 
  2. We empower you with the authority of to ordain people into your church or ministry under your own church or ministry name. Your ordinations must be Jewish-Christian only.  The people you ordain must be under your direct authority.
  3. We will empower your ministry or congregation to be recognize as a legal organization.
  4. We will provide you with educational materials Videos; PowerPoint Siddur for weekday and Shabbat prayer services, and many more  legal and spiritual support and guidance in your walking to success in your congregation's or ministry's efforts.
  5. We may help all our charter members who need it, to Incorporate your Ministry, obtain its Employer Identification Number (EIN)  and its Tax ID Number as non-profit organization  in the United States for a reasonable fee. 
  6. We provide Certificates of Conversion for Gentiles to Netzarim Judaism to all our congregation's members affiliated to WMEK Messianic Association who comply with the requirements, for a reasonable fee.
  7. We provided any theological answers and counselling you or your congregation may need during the year.
  8. You can have 20% discount in all our ministry products.

For each fellowship, congregation or ministry will be issued a number valid document of Chartered Affiliation with WMEK Messianic Association valid for one year.  

Product Description
This  Ministry Credential Package Includes: 
  • A Certificate of Messianic Chartership
  • An Agreement of Messianic Chartership
  • A complete access to our private site with more than 200 Free Messianic Congregation Resources for the ministry, congregation, and Pastor
  • And the name of your fellowship, congregation or ministry will be aggregated permanently to our Directory of Messianic Congregations in English and Spanish in and, which are always in the top pages like  Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
To "Charter Your Congregation with WMEK" or renew your Certificate of Chartership, please click the button below and complete the application after payment.
Only $35 USD

Pay with your Credit / Debit Card 
or Paypal System

After Payment Please Fill your Application Form <<Here>>

Please allow 2 Business Days to Received your Congregation Papers in PDF Format in your email.

 Be part of this Great Messianic Jewish Family
                                      WORLDWIDE MINISTRY ELOHEI KEDEM  
Kehila Elohei Kedem, Caracas, Venezuela (2015)
Messianic Rabbi Yousef Ben Marques
Kehila Elohei Kedem, Caripe, Edo. Monagas, Venezuela (2017)
Messianic Roeh Jackie Rondon

B'nai Israel, Visalia,  CA, USA (2018)
Messianic Rabbi 
Torah’s Light Messianic Jewish Ministry, Breaux Bridge, LA, USA (2018)
Messianic Rabbi Blake Aleman
Beit Tefillah Netzarim Messianic CongregationNoblesville, Indiana, USA (2018)
MessianicRabbi Kevin Taylor
Grace Messianic SynagogueFederal Republic of  Benin, Africa (2018)
Roeh - Pastor Oguama Lilian Ogechi
Beth Shalom Fellowship, Paris, TN, USA (2018)
Messianic Rabbi Randall Roberts
YHWH Teaching Ministry, Indio, CA, USA (2018)
Messianic Rabbi Marvin Riggins
Hope Mynystrys, Burton, OH, USA (2018)
Messianic Rabbi Benjamin Rosen
Ahavah Life Ceremonies, Desert Hot Springs, CA, USA (2018)
Messianic Rabbi Shirley Ruby Robles Zapien
House of Scriptures, Stanford, FL, USA (2018)
Messianic Rabbi Juan Melendez
The Kahal Kadosh Beit Sar Shalom (2018)
Messianic Rabbi Emmanuel Saint Louis

Messianic Assembly for the Kingdom of YAHWEH, AZ, USA (2019)  
Messianic Rabbi Jeffrey Cook
Congregation Messiah Ben David, Mount Arlington, NJ, USA (2019)
Messianic Rabbi Kimberley Smith      
Community of Israel, Coppell, TX, USA (2019) 
Messianic Rabbi Douglas DoNascimento 
Congregation Kadosh Kadosh Tefillah, Deltona, FL, USA (2019)  
Messianic Rabbi Maikel Rodriguez 
Mount Sinai Tabernacle, Bronx, NY- USA (2019)
Messianic Rabbi Leonardo H. Iglesias Carusso 
Yoke of Messiah Ministries, Birmingham, AL, USA (2019)  (20)
Messianic Rabbi Joseph Wilson 
Watchers Researcher, West Roxbury, Ma, USA (2019)
Messianic Rabbi Wayne Berry Hill III
Men Like Trees Ministries, San Antonio, TX - USA (2019)
Roeh Oscar y Virginia Martinez
Beth Adonai Netzarim Jewish Fellowship, Miami, FL, USA (2019)
Messianic Rabbi Robert Alonso-Sosa, MD PH.D. (Bishop)

Covenant In Adonai Yochanan 17v22-23, South Africa (2019)
Messianic Rabbi Jacqueline Bronwyn Lorraine Hendry
Yeshua's Word Ministry, New Hope, PA - USA (2019)
Messianic Rabbi Tony Taliaferro
Heriberto Jimenez Ministries Visalia, California -USA  (2020)
Messianic Rabbi Heriberto Jimenez 
Olive Tree Fellowship Celeste, TX 75423, USA (2020)
Messianic Rabbi Sandra Francisco

Nursing Home Ministries, Sparta, IL, USA (2020)
Messianic Roeh James E. Jones
Beit Hashalom Sinagoga Mesianica - Baja California. México (2020)
Messianic Rabbi Abundio Sanchez & Rabanih Elizabeth Zarahi Duran
Congregación Mesiánica Roeh IsraelKissimmee Fl - USA (2020)
Messianic Rabbi Francisco Perez
Lion of Judah Congregation - Ulysses, Pennsylvania - USA (2020)
Messianic Rabbi John Prouty Jr
Adat Ariel - Marion, IL - USA (2020)
Messianic Rabbi Vernon Bell
God's Sheep Ministry - Northumberland, PA - USA (2020)
Messianic Rabbi Dean Knepp   - USA (2020)
Messianic Rabbi Eliyahu Shmuel Ben Yah
Congregation Beth Yahusha international - Sharon Hill, PA - USA (2020)
Messianic Rabbi Yosef Benyamin Yisrael
The Hope of Yisrael MinistryMiami, FL- USA (2020)
Messianic Roehs Cristian & Tiffany Aravena
Messianic Rabbi Naomi Eliora Batya Elbaz-Ross
Rostislav KotrcKrchleby -  Czech Republic (2020)
Messianic Rabbi Rostislav Kotrc
Talit Messiah Congregation TMC Inc - Columbos, OH - USA (2021)
Messianic Rabbi Alan Rafiyq
Devar YHWH Messianic SynagogueHenderson, NC - USA (2021)
Messianic Rabbi Robert Separk
Prophetic Whirlwind Ministries, New York, NY - USA (2021)
Messianic Rabbi Onleilove Alston
Children of the Trinity, San Marcos, TX - USA (2021)
Messianic Rabbi Ryan Long
Tora 360, Las Vegas, NV - USA (2021)
Messianic Rabbi James Ellison
Yeshua's PlaceLas Cruces, NM - USA (2021)
Messianic Rabbi Ray Soular
Messianic Rabbi Hee Seng Kok
If you still have any questions about this procedure or about the Application Form.  Please Contact us to our email: Our WMEK Email or use our Contact Form here


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