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Authoritative Answers in Torah (English) 

Some of those Articles are:

articles from Rabbi yosef ben marques torah
1 How to pronounce the name of YHWH. (March 2015)
2. Be Holy as Elohim is Holy
3. The Gentiles in the New Testament were all Greek proselytes
4 Circumcision in the Torah (Brit Milah)
5 Tevilah is necessary for all Believers in Yeshua to be part of the Covenant of Israel
6 Council of Jerusalem (acts 15): must be Yehudi to follow Yeshua
7. The use of the tzitzit is both for men and women
8 Traditions: Invalidating the commandments of YHWH
9 The tithe is only for Jews and Messianic Jews, not for Christians
10 Separated in order to prosper under the hand of Elohim
11. Receiving the Shabbat
12 Steps to living a Messianic Nazarene Jewish life
13. Why We Use Hebrew Names
14- Follow Me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead.
15. The Biblical Hebrew Calendar and the Feasts of Elohim (God)
16. Yeshua Never Abolished the Law of Moses
17. Ten Differences between Christians and Nazarene Judaism
18. 17 Blessings from Elohim in  Deuteronomy 28:1-14
19. Jewish Halakha and the Rabbinic Authority in the Messianic World
20. The obligation to recite the Shema and how to pray to Elohim
21. 613 Mitzvot & Yeshua keys to be Nazarene Jews
22. Reason for living: eat, drink and be glad about the joy of Elohim
23. Christmas Is Not Biblical, It is Pagan
24. Hanukkah the Feast of Dedication. Is it Biblical?
25. Kosher Mezuzah Scroll: Remembering Elohim every day.
26. Is There Biblical Divorce for Domestic Abuse Women?
27. Why We Do Not Proselyte to the Jewish People?
28. Jewish Wedding Ceremony for Messianic Jewish Couples
29. Kosher Food According to Elohim
30. Beard and Hair in Men, Especially in the Rabbi.
31. The Aaronic Blessing from the Priest to the Congregation (Numbers 6:22-27)
32. Do Not Eat Pork Says Elohim (God) (July 2017)
33. John 14:6 Torah is the Only Way to the Father (July 2017)  

1. Dates of the Beginning and End of the World According to the Torah (Bible) (Sep 2017)
2. The Third Temple Will be Built in Jerusalem for the Coming of Messiah
3. Where Are Buried Apostles Peter and Paul?
4. Differences between Hebrew, Jew, and Israelite
5. Women in Ministry
6. The Council of Nicea and the Start of the False Christianity
7. Messianic Jews Grow in the World in 2018
8. Nazarene Jews Through Out History
9. The Fourth Seal of Revelation Was Open: War, Hanger and Pestilence      (It will last 6 years)

1 Yeshua is divine and is the Messiah of Israel, but is not Elohim
2.The Wrong Belief in the Plurality of Elohim
3 Nine Facts that Refute the Virgin Birth of Yeshua
4. Yeshua, the Angel of Elohim, the Messiah of Israel
5. Determining when Yeshua the Messiah of Israel was born.
6. 50 Bible Verses That Prove Yeshua (Jesus) Is Not Elohim (God) The Creator
7. John Chapter 1 Does Not Talk About Yeshua (Jesus) Being God (August 2017)
8. Arguments In Favor of the Trinity Refute It- (Part 1)